What sucks about Usagi Drop…

is that it’s already over!


What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the Usagi Drop manga, about which I give no shits, and which I haven’t read: I wish Usagi Drop would’ve been 22 episodes long instead of eleven. I think the plot was truncated by the factors of being based on a manga that it may not necessarily have wanted to follow, and by being only eleven episodes long.

I want to see what becomes of Daikichi’s relationship with Kouki’s mom instead of just ship-baiting by showing us how good they are together. I want some closure in the Rin’s mom situation. And really, I could watch the adventures of Daikichi’s fatherhood and the childhood of Rin for as many episodes as possible.

What Usagi Drop gives us is the tip of an iceburg. It gives us some heartwarming stories that begin a sequence of ideas. It gives us just enough material to imagine how the rest of the story might play out, which is enough to be an entertaining and thoughtful show. But if it followed through and actually told the rest of the story, I think it could’ve been something truly fantastic.

Alas, it’s hardly the first time a great story was truncated by length (much less a great noitaminA show). All in all, I enjoyed Usagi Drop a lot.

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  1. As it is, based on reading the first volume, the anime did it SO much better… put in details that were absent in the manga. The anime ends at the point IIRC wherein the manga jumps 10 years into the future and into suckage. You may find the ending to your tastes though LOLOLOL

    • digiboy says:

      ROFL does that mean it really ends with Rin and Daikichi hooking up? Hilarious if true because I so called it. But I’m not interested in seeing that at all, I’m in love with DaikichiXKouki’s mom.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        Is it safe to spoil? Because if not I can say that, yes, Rin’s mom gets used in the WEIRDEST way possible, and Kouki (and his mom) are written out of the story via the most obtrusive of plot devices.

        • digiboy says:

          Go ahead I don’t care~

          • Myssa Rei says:

            Well, basically Masako pretty much only comes back into the picture to say that, no, Rin and Daikichi are not related, so yes, Rin can have Daikichi’s babies.

            Two years later, Rin and Daikichi marry, without even a raised eyebrow from the rest of his family. They then plan to make lots of babies.

            Mrs. Nitani (Kouki’s mom) never gets with Daikichi, because she marries someone else. The reason being she could no longer be comfortable having Kouki and Rin under the same roof, after a period where Kouki ‘went wild’.

          • digiboy says:

            Yeah that pretty much sounds incredibly lame.

  2. Myssa Rei says:

    I don’t think the producers were aiming for more than a ‘developed’ adaptation rather than an ‘expanded’ adaptation (where one has to eventually pad out the material via filler). Because, really, what could be added, since there’s nearly a 1:1 correlation between the source material (chapters 1-24). The only thing that the anime really improved on was the atmosphere, adding a more restrained nuance to the series.

    And yes, as I’ve been tirelessly mentioning elsewhere, the second half post-timeskip might as well be considered a different series altogether. Much of what was built on in the first half (which the anime covers) are pretty much discarded wholesale for teenage drama and josei-hijinks, the latter could be described in one word: Woody Allen.

    • digiboy says:

      I am precisely saying that I want the anime to have an entirely original second half. It clearly has the material and the know-how.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        An entirely-original second half would be relying entirely on the writing resources of the studio though (or whoever they can get on their payroll to write the screenplays), and while it IS possible to do (much of ARIA the Natural isn’t even in the manga, as well as K-On!!, and many many shounen series), it’s risky.

        But, still preferable than animating Usagi Drop post-timeskip. Yes, to Tartarus with the second half.

        • digiboy says:

          The fact that the studio was able to improve on the manga already shows they can do it. As much as Production IG has failed in my eyes lately, they used to be a studio you could really trust for amazing original anime.