Kill Me Baby

“You’re just gonna use the show’s title as the post title?” Yes, because the title is great and now unforgettable to me thanks to that batshit Mr. Bungle-esque opening song.

Hope I stuck the landing...

Like every comedy ever, Kill Me Baby will only appeal to some, and I’m one of them, which is unexpected. Spastic boke-tsukkomi acts are my least favorite brand of anime comedy—but this isn’t really that. It’s more like boke-boke(-boke), since Oribe is an idiot and Sonya is an assassin. (The ninja girls is obviously boke-tacular as well.) Regardless of what it’s called, I laughed quite a bit throughout this episode (which felt very god damn long) and enjoyed it all the way.

I think the show’s strong suit is the art/animation direction (I honestly don’t know how to credit this). Not the animation itself—the show has very little movement, and several times when movement couldn’t be avoided, it was done at an Astro Boy framerate. However, basically following that “moving manga” principal, a lot of attention is given to what each individual shot looks like. I felt the show had constant visual comedy going on in the facial expressions and other happenings, which is what garnered most of my laughs. The character designs lend easily to all sorts of fun morphing, which also helps.

I would've killed myself on the spot, had I a gun on me like she does.

Its cast is mostly n00b seiyuu, with mixed results. Sonya’s voice was excellent, Oribe’s bordered heavily on grating (and she never shuts the fuck up), and Goshiki’s is funny but overdone. It would be nice if the acting simply improves throughout the show, since Oribe’s voice is currently my biggest complaint going into it. That might be totally made up for soon, though, since the only other character listed on MAL is played by Kugimiya Rie.

The ending song is addicting, too.

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  1. otou-san says:

    What a world we live in where “Mr. Bungle-esque” can be used as a synonym for “tuneless ear-cancer” just because there’s a spastic tempo.