The Shameful Otaku’s Secret Unveiled: A Triumph Over Inauthenticity; Breeding Life Into a New Generation

utena 25 akio behind the wheel

I always found this site interesting, given the name. It struck me as a humorous tightrope act between self-deprecation and self-loathing – which is why it attracted the two most shameless fanboys to write for it. Still, what bothered me a bit is the online handle of the founder. Sure, metaphorically he is my father in this anime blogging hobby, but it’s an inauthenticity because while he’s a man in love and beloved; married for far longer than I’ve been, he is not a biological father.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, a bigger shame.

BUT THIS CHANGES SOON. Otou-san found out hours ago via ultrasound that he’s going to have a son. CONGRATULATIONS!

We are breeding!


My own daughter is already two and a half years old (and will become an internet onee-san), and Otou-san will now have a son. I WANT ONE TOO. But for now, let us all congratulate the soon-to-be father and never let him forget that KAMILLE IS A MAN’S NAME.

Some messages from his friends:


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  1. foshizzel says:


  2. animekritik says:

    Congrats! (you guys sure pick out the weirdest ways to announce stuff)

  3. digibro says:

    Grats to Tou-san all over again!

    Early this year, my mom saw a gypsy, who told her that her oldest son would have a child within the next year. That would be insane but with the trend of fatherhood going on here, the pattern would fall three years from now.

  4. fnzna says:

    Congratulations! Congratulations!

  5. VucubCaquix says:

    Wait, are you subtly shipping your daughter with otou’s son?

  6. sadakups says:

    Man, how fast time flies.

    Makes me wonder if you’re going to pass the torch to her when it comes to blogging.

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    his shameful otaku secret was obviously that he wasn’t a biological otou-san until now. now he has to change the site name!

  8. otou-san says:

    jeeeeeeez. thanks, mister. I’m a bad blogger, I didn’t even realize this post was here LOL.

    I only hope that my young Kamille looks as natural standing next to Mazinger as your offspring.

  9. Sakura says:

    Well I already congratulated you on FB, but congrats again :) He’s going to be one of the coolest kids ever, considering his parents!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Impartial viewer here who saw your tweet: your blog is fucking garbage. It’s un-aesthetically pleasing, unoriginal, and boring. While I have issues with the Bishoujo Project too this place doesn’t compare to it in 1000 years.

    It’s sad that you’ve been blogging for like 5 years and he’s already tripled your traffic probably. LOL fucking idiot.

    • otou-san says:

      wow, you come to my site anonymously, write a shitty ignorant comment on my co-writer’s post congratulating me on having a child, and all to defend a horrible Sankaku clone? I pity your fucking life, man.

      I hope he enjoys his traffic, I enjoy not having readers like you.

    • Bro, bro, sigh. I don’t think you understand. Otou-san, being old and all, has some pretty severe vision problems, so its really cruel of you to ding him on the site design – he can only see really bright colors now, and has to have his seeing-eye hyena type for him and read the comments on here and then type the responses. Its a really bummer situation, but he deals with it pretty well, so could lay off a little bit?

      As for the blog being boring, well, the seeing-eye hyena isn’t always great at transcribing what Otou-san tells it, so its difficult to say if the content of the blog is boring because of Otou-san, or if the hyena has gone rogue. Additionally, Otou-san was raised by slime mold after he was orphaned when the Lusitania sank, and, well, slime mold tends to be boring, so it did rub off on him a little bit, although I think the seeing-eye hyena has definitely exacerbated the problem.

      But the fact is, Otou-san is a really, genuinely nice guy, and we all love him a lot, so we’re willing to overlook his shortcomings. Maybe you could, too?

  11. TheBigN says:

    Two months to late to celebrate, but congratulations! \o\