12 days, day six. Taking my balls and going… somewhere? Seriously where am I going with this

play ball

I’m not unaccustomed to adding a little bit of social commentary to blogging, but Kokoro Connect’s “kick a man in the balls because that’ll fix your attempted rape trauma” was my first foray into the wider world of thinking about feminism and rape culture as they apply to aniblogging — and my first run-in a readership that hates you for spoiling their fun. Then there was the Monster-kun omelet, which broke a few more eggs. I suppose the whole A&V thing (spoiler for future moments!) was borderline inevitable at that point. Now, I consider myself to be slightly changed for the better this year thanks to bloggers like the_patches and Day. Who says aniblogging can’t make you a better person? Don’t answer that.

Fuck these (5) Comments.

  1. omo says:

    They do raise some good points, looking back from the perspective of “make you a better person.” To be honest though I’m not sure if it makes you better or if it just ruins anime for you. It’s like being able to enjoy SAO versus seeing SAO as some kind of Anime-Twilight because you now know better. Does that make you a better person? I won’t answer that. It does make you a more tortured person, for sure.

    I think it’s wise for you to not have you answer that.

    • YotaruVegeta says:

      SAO is anime Twilight? Please.

      I guess Monster-kun is referring to “My Little Monster?” Yep, that was a strange choice of dialogue in the first episode, but I think that there is a lot of actual rapey shit that has gone on this season. I didn’t take it as something that horrible– even though in reality My Little Monster would end after the first episode, with the kid ending up in jail or getting his ass beat.

    • otou-san says:

      It does make you a more tortured person, for sure.

      well, ignorance is bliss I suppose.