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12 Moments in 2011: Remembering THE WAY you love

I’m not sure when this moment came exactly, and I did a whole post on the feeling, where I apologized in advance for kicking an already dead and beaten horse by using that phrase. But Kare Kano was something I finally got around to in 2011, and it really threw me off my game: Life […]

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Do you remember… Love?

If you want to know what it’s like to fall in love and how all the related trappings can feel, but don’t feel like leaving your mom’s basement, you could do a lot worse for instructional material than Kare Kano.

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I’m in love again

I know, right it’s all bunnies and snuggles and kitties around here lately, but I started Kare Kano finally and I’m digging it a lot. This part helps: Almost as enjoyable as the live-action FLCL ending.

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