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I was thinking…

EVERYONE WANTS TO BE MEEEEEEEE approaching one year since it first aired, how do you see Panty and Stocking these days?

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Panty and Stocking Doesn’t End: God! My! Oh!

I hate it as much as I love it, and I love it a lot. I guess what I’m saying is, I hate it a lot. For every thing the finale did right, I felt it did so wrong. I suppose this too, is bondage. I’m sucking its cock, I’m taking it up in the […]

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See I can still do this shit

Panty and Stocking by 九韻寺51号 I don’t need your stupid Tumblr. Up next, picture of a girl with glasses in a sweater, a cute kitten, and a lovely scene with some poorly-kerned Helvetica text over it that looks like it came from a motivational poster for 12-year-old poets.

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