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Giant Tittie Hadouken.

I’ve been too far behind on Qwaser to keep up with my “essence of Qwaser” screenshots, but now I’m caught up, and the latest episode’s crop was too perfect to pass up. First, we have a straight-up essence of Qwaser moment. It’s exactly what it sounds like. And then as a bonus, GIANT FUCKING TITTIE […]

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Qwaser 2 Gets Off To A Perfect Start

I’ve found it’s fun to look for a screencap in each ep of Qwaser that epitomizes the series as a whole, preferably while staying worksafe. Here’s mine for this ep: Cross-dressing Sasha commenting on his intent to suck on every breast in the private girls’¬†academy¬†that he’s infiltrated. This episode had a scene wherein Sasha *literally* […]

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