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12 Moments in 2011: Toe-chan’s first HNNNG

This is a short and embarrassing one. I’ve never felt a strong predilection for moe, the whole nutbladder thing evades me, and I often find myself baffled at the ships and waifus that float around the blogs, tweets, and boards. Now I’m not stupid or sterile: I watched Evangelion just like everyone else (Asuka, if […]

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The God of Conquest

I recently finished the first season of The World God Only Knows, and though I’m behind the times here I really enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s well executed — full of style, great voice acting, compelling stories, and gobs of moe. But for me, more than fire trucks or crackly-voiced Kana Hanazawa, the […]

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What’s on, halfway through Spring 2011

In lieu of any real thought and effort, here’s a brief rundown of what’s soiling my TV at any given moment.

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