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Barakamon is FUNNY

Nevermind “mai daughteru” longing, fujoshi fun, or the legendary critic punch-out. Artistic introspection, likable characters, and a nice feel are justĀ icing on the fact that Barakamon is really, really funny. It nails fish-out-of-water, broad slapstick, timing, character interactions–basically, everything it goes for, it nails. I won’t say every joke works, but every episode works on […]

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Kill Me Baby

Hope I stuck the landing...

“You’re just gonna use the show’s title as the post title?” Yes, because the title is great and now unforgettable to me thanks to that batshit Mr. Bungle-esque opening song. Like every comedy ever, Kill Me Baby will only appeal to some, and I’m one of them, which is unexpected. Spastic boke-tsukkomi acts are my […]

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What sucks about Usagi Drop…

Usagi Drop episode 11

is that it’s already over!   What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the Usagi Drop manga, about which I give no shits, and which I haven’t read: I wish Usagi Drop would’ve been 22 episodes long instead of eleven. I think the plot was truncated by the factors of being based […]

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You won’t want to watch Melody of Oblivion, so I’ll do it for you: episode 1

This is the ugliest piece of series art I've ever seen. The main character (lavender hair) looks fucking ridiculous.

I’m all aboard ghostlightning’s Enokido Yoji and Ikuhara Kunihiko hype train car, what with this year having been the ultimate way of reviving interest in Utena and its creators. Sure, Enokido has done plenty in the past 14 years since Utena, all bearing his unmistakable mark, but Star Driver has to at least be his […]

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Late to the party, liking the villains from Tiger and Bunny cour 1

Tiger and Bunny Kriem

Kriem was love at first sight, and I thought “oh, it’s a Harley Quinn expy,” which became a ridiculously accurate statement when Jake proved to be the Joker. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Kotetsu catches him with his most Batman-like tool (of the few tools he uses, being a powered hero). The interactions between Jake and Kriem (actually, […]

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Two FLCLs for two branches of fandom

FLCL manga haruhara haruka

It speaks volumes about the different appeals of the FLCL anime and manga that I sold my first copy of the manga years ago. My reaction to the manga, like, I imagine, that of most FLCL fans when it hit the states in 2004, was, “what the fuck is up with this art? Why is […]

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