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Are those scissors in your panties or are you just happy to drool on me?

It’s true, sometimes being different is enough. This is… pretty different.

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The Fanfic Called Fujiko

Take this… my love, my anger, and all of my backed-up seminal fluid! SHINING BOOBIES!

In which my ignorance is showing.

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Space, bros.

Brooooooooos innnnnnnn Spaaaaaaaaaaace. I, and half the universe, have some big hopes for this one. Will it deliver, or just beat us back down into our parents’ basements? I dunno, but I feel pretty moon.

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Every answered question is a murdered child: On keeping Black Rock Shooter open-ended

When the Black Rock Shooter OVA anime appeared, I wasn’t blogging but I managed to write a little piece about it anyway. I still feel like most of my thoughts apply: at the end of the day, huke and the Ordet crew did a capable job of making a finished work of anime from nothing […]

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What’s on: winter begins

Whoa, I got tired thinking about stuff! Making real points about things is hard work LOL!! So, yeah, here’s an early breakdown of Winter 2012’s season of animated eye sodomy.

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Kill Me Baby

“You’re just gonna use the show’s title as the post title?” Yes, because the title is great and now unforgettable to me thanks to that batshit Mr. Bungle-esque opening song. Like every comedy ever, Kill Me Baby will only appeal to some, and I’m one of them, which is unexpected. Spastic boke-tsukkomi acts are my […]

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