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New Yakk project

Not sure where to go with this because Twitter’s search and every third-party Twitter search sucks, but the attempt is to gather tweets from people watching SDF Macross for the first time and reacting to everyone’s favorite militant hippie-actor, Lynn Kaifun. So, here it is: Lynn(Lin) Kaifun Lovefest While you’re at it, join this MAL […]

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Burning passion

Found some old screencaps today

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Postcards from the edge (of reality)

You may have heard through the grapevine that I recently went on a week’s vacation — holiday, to you fancy folk in some countries. It was great: learning about another culture, eating freshly-caught (and freshly-clubbed) fish, relaxing on the beach, and spending the declining US dollar in a way that was more wallet-friendly than staying […]

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Macross Frontier Episode 3

Alto’s Last Stand Alto stared into the dressing room mirror, but he wasn’t seeing anything anymore. His tired vision looked past the graying circles under his eyes, and his luxurious hair pulled out in clumps as he aimlessly brushed it. To an objective, outside observer, he was as beautiful as ever. But the stress of […]

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