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12 Moments in 2011: The shift, part two

In hindsight, how did we really not know what was going on here? Many will say now that they did, although the evidence points to otherwise. Most certainly did expect something, but like Blair Witch, the marketing and lead-up to Madoka Magica was a huge part of the experience. Unlike Blair Witch, the end product […]

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Paging SVS and Dr. Lolikit.

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What’s On: Back to humanity edition

A couple months without a night or weekend off, then a week of some insane (probably non-swine) flu, a new TV season is here and nary a word. Blah, blah, work, vomit, excuses. What’s next? For me, Fall 2009 is like a ghost town in a western movie, sequel and spinoff tumbleweeds slowly rolling across […]

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