The Lovers’ Journey: Sword Art Online was the best anime love story of 2012 (Was: Despite his Chuunibyou, Reki Kawahara Still Wants To Fall In Love!)


At least two minutes of blogging flowed endlessly into this post.

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A Hot Pot of details in Hyouka’s school festival episodes

Chitanda Jams

Music trivia from your favorite meddlin’ kids.

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12 Days, day twelve. Shit gets real.

hello everynyan

The biggest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life happened this year, and so it’s been a little tough to think about anime when cataloging moments.

The birth of your first child is not so much a single moment as a huge series of them; with fear, joy, disbelief, temporary insanity, extreme fatigue, and any number of other emotions and mental states filling them up. But let’s just call it one moment for the sake of brevity, a quality of my blog upon which I pride myself. Happy holiday of your choice, everyone, and may the new year bring you much cartoon fun.

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12 Days, day eleven. Blog. Blahg. Bolg. Blig. Blaf bohg bfol

What can I say about Altair & Vega? They came out of nowhere to suddenly become the hugest thing in this corner of the anishape, and they’ve done a great job at carving out a space as the progressives of the community with a diverse mix of styles. Though I’ve mostly been the Maeda and Music correspondant, I’ve had fun so far. It’s a great crew that helps each other improve while policing the content to ensure all the fun’s been sucked out. Thanks for having me on board.

Worth noting: I’m about to enter my third year as a Sea Slug?

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12 days, day ten. One Penguin Flying?


Like Polar Bear and Sloth’s late-night six pack, the moment when Penguin finally “flies” is a quiet bit of joy that melts away the cynicism you built up over the course of your week. Of course, it quickly becomes yet another joke at curmudgeonly Penguin’s expense, but that dextrous yet low-key changeup is one of Polar Bear Cafe’s main strengths.

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12 Days, day nine.

In case the twitter plugin doesn’t work, as usual.

Every few episodes, even though you’ve laughed and smiled through two shorts that are enough to satisfy you for a while, there’s an extra bonus to PBC in the form of character song EDs. Bamboo Scramble may never be topped, but Penguin’s tune, Handa’s enko ballad, and LLAMAMBO and the rest have all been fun.

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