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Summer Wrap: Hey, guess what I watched some cartoons

Not only did I write a blog posts, it’s like… a really insignificant one.

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12 Moments in 2011: The shift, part one

In hindsight, how did we really not know what was going on here? Praise came in from all angles, the cleverness and purity of emotion on display was lauded, the subtle animation with its realistic movements was drooled over, and Mari Okada‚Äôs best script in a while was loved for its heartfelt and realistic-enough characterization, […]

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The Spoke Too Soon award of the year

Oh, hello, Hanasaku Iroha’s true colors.

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OK, Spring season, go on… I’m listening

Poorly-thought-out gut reactions and broad-sweeping speculation on what PA Works’ new original production, Hanasaku Iroha, might bring us in the future. Will it be another True Tears, or another True Turd like CANAAN?? SUGOI!!

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True Tears, Episode 7

Say It Clearly, Write It Down Here [True Tears info page ftw!] So, anyway. I fucking heart this show. If they disappoint me I will rage. It’s beautiful, it’s well-written, it’s half-length, and by the way I uh, like it a lot. And things are moving quickly now. Story Recap The name of the game […]

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